Smart & Safe Florida launches “Independence” and “Criminal Justice” focused radio ads in Time for July 4th celebrations.

Smart and Safe Florida, the non-profit at the forefront of the November, adult-use ballot initiative, allowing adult Floridians to access cannabis products legally, has launched a new campaign. This time focused on criminal justice and independence. The move is a likely reaction to Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis’ move, through the Freedom Fund pac, to defeat the November ballot. The Governor has also rallied fellow Republican leaders to fight against adult-use cannabis in the Sunshine State. Apparently, the irony that he wants to use the Freedom Fund Pac to restrict adult freedoms, has not gone unnoticed.

As of June 21st, the pac has raised a meager $10,000.00 after launching 5 weeks ago. A drop in the bucket against the $60+ million raised in support of the Adult-use ballot measure according to

Previous campaign videos showed regular Floridians pleading with their fellow voters to allow them the freedom to access clean and safe cannabis products in safe and legal spaces. They touted how tax revenue will go toward much-needed public school funding and law enforcement. Although unstated, appropriate provision will also allow for  investment into communities most impacted by the War on Drugs.

“We know that thousands of people are arrested every year in Florida for marijuana. When Americans across the country have the right to choose to consume marijuana, it’s a disgrace that Floridians’ individual freedoms are still restricted.” According to Smart and Safe Florida Spokesman, Morgan Hill. “Throughout the month of July, our campaign will remind voters that freedom means individual rights and an end to arrests and incarceration for simple marijuana possession charges.” Says Hill.

The new ads feature legendary Florida attorney and self-described “Pot Daddy,” John Morgan, reminding voters that Amendment 3 would end criminal charges for individuals possessing up to 3 ounces of marijuana in Florida. Thereby honoring Floridians freedoms, much like in many other States across the nation.

A recent Fox News poll found that nearly two-thirds (66%) of Florida voters support the state’s upcoming cannabis legalization bid.

“Independence” can be heard HERE.

“Criminal Justice” can be heard HERE.

We’ll have continued coverage of the Florida ballot thorough the election cycle on and in the Summer, 2024 issue of the Magazine

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