The Libertarian Party of Florida Supports Cannabis Decriminalization and Endorses Amendment Three.

In an move indicative of how outdated and out-of-step the perpetuation of cannabis criminalization is with Florida voters, the Libertarian Party has come out in support of amendment 3. The amendment will effectively legalize the production, transportation and sale of cannabis products for self-determined adults in the Sunshine State. On July 8th, Vice Chair & Communications Committee Chair, Matthew Johnson issued the following statement, “The Libertarian Party of Florida is pleased to endorse Amendment 3, which marks a significant step forward in the legalization of marijuana. This amendment reflects the growing recognition that individuals should have the freedom to make their own choices regarding cannabis use. By supporting Amendment 3, we affirm our commitment to personal liberty and the right to make decisions free from government interference.” Read the release here.

That makes two dominant parties supporting the measure and the Republican party standing in opposition to the constituents’ desires and people’s personal freedoms. Current Governor, Ron DeSantis and the Florida GOP have come out firmly against the adult-use cannabis amendment being put to voters during this November’s election.

It is unclear if the Republican party is firmly in opposition to safe cannabis consumption or if they are merely standing against President Biden’s push for a change in approach to marijuana laws across the United States. For the first time in history a US president actually took the steps to update America’s cannabis policy to be better aligned with scientific evidence and public demand.

“The marijuana one is written so broadly, you are not going to be able to restrict where people use it,” DeSantis said, repeating a claim the support campaign has declared as categorically untrue. “Understand: Your life will be impacted by this. It will change the quality of life and our communities. You will smell it when you’re walking down a lot of these streets, particularly in our urban areas.” He lamented.

The Florida initiative is being lead by the nonprofit Smart and Safe Florida. As the name indicates they are advocating for the decriminalization of cannabis for persons over the age of 21 across the State of Florida, allowing for a regulated, safe, and legal cannabis adult-use market. Florida is expected to be America’s second largest cannabis market and estimated to bring in up to $431 million annually in much needed tax revenue for state coffers.

Counter to DeSantis’ claims that legalization would lead to the state being covered in a plume of ganja smoke, Smart and Safe Florida has made it clear that the ballot measure would be entitled to the same regulatory measures imposed in other legal states. It is the job of the Governor’s office. He has been gone so far as to rally the hemp industry to collaborate to defeat the measure after he vetoed a bill that would have heavily regulated the new sector’s psychoactive products. While some have jumped on board. the move seems to be counterintuitive, of just plain unintuitive.

The Magazine is currently calling on all Florida-based hemp brand and producers to come out publicly in support of Amendment 3. 

Adult-use cannabis legalization will be a hot topic at the upcoming Cannabis LAB conference this October 14th + 15th at the Diplomat Resort in Hollywood Florida. This is the last industry gathering before the November elections. The event comes at “a critical moment for advocates and stakeholders to come together and make their voices heard. As Florida stands on the brink of a significant policy shift, the CLAB 7th Annual Conference will be the catalyst for informed dialogue and decisive action, helping to ensure a brighter, more prosperous future for the state through the responsible legalization of cannabis.” According to the event website

In response to the Libertarian Party support, Cannabis LAB event organizer, Robert Friedman said, “We are glad to see the Libertarian party take a stance on Amendment 3. This is an issue that clearly transcends party lines and the more our politicians step forward to show support and solidarity the more decisive the victory will be.” 

We do hope the hemp industry will side with cannabis during this election cycle.


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