CBD Craze Sparks ‘Weed Washing’ Trend

What is weed washing is why is the CBD market causing it?

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It’s no news that cannabis and CBD have been one of the hottest topics in the world for some time. No one could’ve predicted the astronomic growth of the cannabis industry over the past couple of years. The cannabis industry totally transformed from an industry no one wanted to associate with to one everyone wants to get involved in.

Although this has so many benefits for the cannabis industry, it also has it’s drawbacks. One of these downsides is Weed washing and in this article, I’ll be delving deep into what it entails, how to recognize the patterns, and the negative effects it poses on the progress of the cannabis industry.

What is weed washing?

Basically, weed washing is the addition of hemp oil to any product simply to capitalize or gain from the CBD buzz. This is very common in skincare and beauty products. Weed washing is an act that can be a menace if not properly checked because a lot of this crook entrepreneurs don’t care about the cannabis industry, they only care about the next dollar in their pocket, their bottom line and they’re using the goodwill of the cannabis industry to achieve their selfish goals. To capitalize on the well-deserved buzz and hype swirling around CBD at the moment, crook manufacturers add hemp oil to their products even when it isn’t needed in the product just to be able to market the product as a CBD product and deceive innocent consumers.

Weed washing is very similar to the ‘pinkwashing’ trend that was a thing some years back. Do you remember pinkwashing? When several companies added pink ribbons to everything just to be able to claim they were donating funds to research on breast cancer even when most of them weren’t. This sick trend is being carried out again by these wicked entrepreneurs and they have their sights set on the cannabis market.

A detailed analysis

Weed washing is a troubling trend that seems to be prevalent in the skincare and beauty world. Manufacturers claim to add or add hemp oil that lacks CBD or contains only a minute non-medicinal quantity to their products solely to hike their product’s price because of the ‘incorporation of CBD’ or to capitalize on the widespread popularity of CBD.

So what is the major factor that distinguishes hemp seed oil and hemp oil that has CBD? As its name suggests, hemp seed oil can be gotten from hemp seeds via simple extraction techniques like cold pressing. It possesses zero THC and is said to be similar to basic oils like rosehip seed oil. Meanwhile, CBD oil is gotten from the stalk, leaves, and flowers of a hemp plant and unlike hemp seed oil that’s gotten from simple extraction procedures, CBD oil is extracted via ethanol or CO2 extraction process.

The majority of these parasite beauty brands market their products just like a real brand would. They use flashy branding techniques like including cannabis leaf images on the label, making use of punch lines like ‘de-stress’ ‘relax’ ‘bliss’ ‘calm’ and so on. They even go as far as to include hemp oil or CBD in the list of ingredients to deceive innocent consumers.

The majority of consumers are likely to fall prey to these schemes and waste their hard-earned money on weed washed products if they aren’t well informed and know what to look out for. With the rapid growth of the cannabis industry, there’s a huge influx of different products into cannabis markets and you can bet some won’t have what they claim to. A lot of the producers of this fake cannabis products aren’t real cannabis lovers, they’re just parasites jumping on the cannabis bandwagon to make a quick buck and race for the exits.

So how does a cannabis consumer separate the wheat from the shaft, because despite all these there are real cannabis brands out there who add the right stuff to their products and keep their word. How will a consumer know the difference between a real canna product and a weed washed one, read on to find out!

How to select cannabis products that work

Like all markets, the cannabis market is flooded with several products from different brands, all of which don’t have your best interest at heart. To safe yourself unnecessary problems and save your money follow these simple steps before making any purchase.

Do your research – The importance of deep and effective research cannot be overemphasized. Before choosing a product to purchase it is paramount that you conduct your research. Find out all you can about the product, their reviews, studies, and so on. With the Internet and technology so far advanced in the world today, it’s not a difficult task to find out this basic information that can help you avoid unnecessary problems.

Check the ingredient list closely – It is highly advisable that you check the labels of any product you intend to buy closely. Ensure that on the ingredient list you confirm that the hemp is listed as ‘full spectrum’ ‘cannabinoid’ or ‘cannabidiol’ and not just something plain or basic like ‘hemp oil’. Look for at least (5×10) milligrams of CBD in products for anti-inflammatory activities, (10×10) milligrams in products for anti-aging activities, at least 200 milligrams in products for pain relief. It’s also advisable that you find out where they’re sourced from.

If an offer looks too good to be true, most often than not it’s because it is – When you see a product that claims to do so many things or is sold at a ridiculous price that seems too good for you to pass up, be careful. In most cases when an offer appears to be too good to be true, they are usually bad news. Before you spend your hard-earned cash on some ‘cheap’ or ‘miracle’ CBD product, check properly to be sure you’re getting the right stuff.

Negative effects of weed washing on the cannabis industry

The negative impact the weed washing trend is having on the cannabis industry cannot be overemphasized. These fake products can spoil the goodwill of legit brands out there and spoil what the industry has worked extremely hard to achieve. If not properly curbed this could make consumers have second thoughts on CBD products which is the last thing the cannabis industry needs right now.

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