Knowledge guidance

The Cannabis Sativa plant is an amazing plant. It is the only plant that produces cannabinoids and regulates the human and mammalian endocannabinoid system.

Strain identification

We will identify appropriate strains for specific ailments and conditions. We will also identify strains for best applications, work, creativity, energy and recreation.

Consumption method

Different forms of consumption provide different effects. Some methods are more effective than others and some are more socially acceptable. What works?

Journal developments

Keep a tab on your health and keep a Mindfulness Journal. Feel you body and let it communicate with you and document it. Your body will thank you


Internal harmony of the mind, body and spirit


Using food infused and otherwise for maximum output.

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Week 01

Plant learning. Preliminary assessments. Start of physical exercises .


This is where the journey starts. We are never today, who we were the previous day. Everyday our energy transforms, let us give that transformation deliberate guidance though cannabis.

Week 02

Micro-dosing. Consumption methods. Product sampling Food infusion.


Week 2. 

Week 03

Physical assessment. Overall assessment. Identifying what really works for me at any time of day.


Week 3

Week 04


Plans of implementation. Journal review. Assessment of life and setting of health goals.


Week 4

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I'm motivated, but likely wont be on some days. Let's motivate each other to better health. Write about and share your experience.

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