Work in Cannabis (legally)


Working in the field of Cannabis is a new frontier, yes, the same Ganja trade people have been locked away for and killed, is now being rightfully placed at the forefront of national development… internationally. Not just in Jamaica, but the world over. As the world is finally able to acknowledge what our forbearers always knew, Cannabis is a plant of “life” that gives. It gives not only to those who use it for recreation, but has been used in textiles and most importantly, medicines, before we knew science existed. Yep, simply through living on the earth, man discovered Cannabis and incorporated it into many facets of his existence. In fact, it is arguable that if humankind had not discovered Cannabis, we would not be here today. The mere progress that the one plant allowed us, is the foundation for our very existence on the evolutionary scale. We could have well been monumental evolutionary steps back, just coming out of bushes and caves.


Yes, I do believe that Cannabis was integral for the survival of the human race and it still remains so. We are of this earth, as is Ganja. Science cannot replace that. Nature is inherent, science seeks to understand that. Pharmaceutical companies try to commoditize it. Ganja puts much more of our own lives in our own hands… without the fees.


Through old and new archaeological discoveries, we have evidence, Ganja has been an integral part of the human existence since the dawn of time. Clothing was woven from its fibres, the plant and its flowers have been used for medicinal, religious and recreational purposes throughout and likely prior to, our civilised existence. It is only, in large part, through strong-arm tactics that a newly empowered United States inflicted upon the world through its influence over the newly formed United Nations that the war on nature, brings up to this present day stigma attached to Ganja. The same United Nations the US is now withdrawing from. Our current situation is even more ironic. When the US pulled out of UNESCO, and the United Nations Secretary General and numerous international partners decried how the US is pulling away from the very organisation it was integral in creating. The United States uses the United Nations to suit its purposes and when they are no longer appropriate, the US jumps ship.


It is clear that US policy is driven almost exclusively by economic demands. Whether it be from big oil interests, textiles, medicinal or recreational, Ganja does pose a threat to many of the US staple industries. They can no longer have a stranglehold on a global industry and this perturbs them.


Nonetheless , this is an industry. A developing industry that will offer many jobs across numerous sectors of industry, trade, agriculture, healthcare, recreation and well the list goes on. Our friends at Green FLower have compiled a list of 500 jobs the industry will create. As a follow on our previous post on industry growth possibilities, these are direct Ganja industry related jobs. Imagine the ancillary services of the ancillaries. Yes, you too should be a Ganjactivist. Have a look at the list and see where you or your family can benefit. As far as I am concerned, Ganja could and should touch every family in Jamaica in some positive way.


~One Love. #IamAGanjactivist- aka. M. Omari Jackson.

One Love

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