We’re at Canex Jamaica… well almost.

It was actually difficult getting out of Negril, for reasons I won’t go into here, but we are here, battle scars included and that is all that matters. Ganjactivist.com is on the ground at Canex Jamaica, the premiere Ganja B2B conference in the region and likely the most important for the industries in Jamaica and the Caribbean. And yes, we say industries because it is inevitable, unless any Caribbean nation is content with being a low level producer and a top level consumer. As far as I can see, the economics will never work. Debt will always fall upon a nation that can’t generate sufficient wealth from internal production to sustain the outflow of currency. Cannabis does have the ability to create different levels of industry the whole region can and should benefit from.

Let us not deviate from the task at hand and that is a mission. One, to experience and take away from Canex what is needed to take Ganjactivist.com and Ganjinest.com to the next level and to make some pertinent connections within the industry. We are a community and as such, should come together often and move the Ganja agenda forward. Ganactivist.com is here for that and we will share our Canex experience with our readers and finally, we will start posting videos. We will bring you coverage of this three day event and will update you on the “Humanize Don’t Criminalize” campaign and further developments with ganjactivist.com. 

We’re excited to be here. We do note however that day one of the conference is jam packed with activity. I myself am conflicted between attending events about the business of Ganja or the Activist sessions. Just our website alone should convey this potential conflict. Have a look at Day 1’s sessions, clearly well intended an structured, I just hope I can reconcile between capitalist needs and a socialist agenda.


This is the Canex Schedule, if you were planning on coming, come on over, let’s meet. ~Ganjactivist1

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