Jamaica’s Protections of Stakeholders and Consumers

The Island Nation of Jamaica, decriminalized ganja or cannabis in April of 2015, giving way to the establishment of a regulated global industry for which Jamaica has an inherent cultural connection through, the Rastafarian faith and lifestyle, traditional health remedies and the rich musical history of Jamaica. Notwithstanding Jamaica’s geographic location climate and topography make it ideally suited for the production of the ganja plant.

The Government of Jamaica established the Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA) to address issues of internal and international regulations as global acceptance of the marijuana plant and the legalization in markets across parts of North and South America, the largest being Canada open up. To date the CLA has issued 44 licenses from 658 applications from 287 persons. 

With 21 for cultivation, 6 for processing, 30 retail licenses with the remainder being issued for Research and Development.


Both at the Ministerial level and within the Private Sector as according to the President of the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ), the country must mitigate against the bastardization of indigenous strains of strain qualities produced from Jamaican cultivation techniques, climate and locally developed strains.


There remains much debate regarding which strains are indigenous to Jamaica if any, however, what is being detected is the variation between cannabis grown indoors and outdoors. This gives Jamaica a further uniqueness to develop strains that will remain the Intellectual Property (IP) of the producer. As such, the CLA has issued a tender for an organization to provide a Seed-to-Sale (STS) Software Tracing System to “capture data, collate, manage, store and produce reports on individual cannabis plants as they move through the supply chain from cultivation, retail, transportation, processing or research and development.


Presently, Jamaica is well poised to capitalize on the burgeoning cannabis industry and through the CLA, a regulated industry is being created, with a current emphasis on medicinal cannabis and future prospects for regulated recreational ganja. There are stringent regulations within the world of medicine even a false remedial claim can lead to litigation. With an appropriate Seed-To-Sale Tracking System, the CLA and all participants within the supply chain will have access to pertinent information, preferably in real-time to mitigate any issues with and trace products produced in Jamaica.

Bidding documents can be found on the Government of Jamaica’s Electronic Procurement website as www.gojep.gov.jm.

The bidding process had begun and ends on September 25, 2019. Further information can be fond on the CLA website at https://cla.org.jm/sites/default/files/tender-documents/Advertisement%20-%20Procurement%20of%20Track%20and%20Trace%20Seed-to-Sale.pdf.

For further assistance with the procurement process please contact:

Office of Public ProcurementPolicy(OPPP), within the Ministry of Finance (MOF) at 876-932-5220 / 876-932-5205 oropppcustomercare@mof.gov.jm.

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