Ganja- A Fruitful Occupation

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So you’ve gotten past the propaganda. You’ve grown a little more as a person and this is now informing your financial aspirations. Cannabis is not bad, it is actually such a useful plant and you now know some of the potential output from the plant and derivatives from the plant and by products. So how can you claim your stake in the industry? Even if you don’t have a big plot of land or even much of a back-yard, there is a place for many a personality types directly involved in the industry or providing ancillary services.

Let‘s start small, micro small. A budding herbalist or grower can grow a few plants outdoors. With the easing of legislation and the growing public acceptance in Jamaica and globally, you can now procure strain specific seeds. That is one can decide to grow a specific strain of Ganja, such as Charlotte’s Web[i], a strain known to be exceptional for medicinal uses, especially for children and infants. Or one can simply grow a great hybrid breed and supply your local dispensary or tea house.

[i] Ganja strain bred due to its high CBD content and low THC content and has yielded exceptional results in reducing seizures in patients suffering from related illnesses including use in children and infants. Popularized in Dr. Sanja Gupta on Weed- CNN Programming.

Granted, those are the easy ones. Grammy can do that in the backyard and put a little extra money in her pocket or help some of the children at the church. You’re looking for something to run as a full-time business. Think about how you’d like to spend your days, for both work and play and consider one of the following:

  1. Growing

Growing weed as a business is much like any other agricultural venture. The final output or product will determine what you grow and who you are growing it for. If Jamaica had community cooperatives, each participant could grow a very specific strain of Ganja, for a very specific purpose. This can be for the production of hemp fibre for:

  • Clothing and other textile applications.
  • Paper and stationary products.
  • Construction materials.

That’s just the production of materials that will make society and our lifestyles more eco-friendly and create products that are both used for daily use but last significantly longer and are of course, eco-friendly. So, you also pat yourself on the back for being forward thinking and helping to preserve our planet for future generations. Kudos!

This is also applicable on the micro and macro levels. One can see a similar concept being applied within the judicial system. If we’re looking at local end product distribution, smaller production facilities/ land space will work. If we’re looking at global domination, national projects may be in order.

The other side of the production equation is growing Marijuana for medicinal, health and recreational purposes. In order to stand out in the realm, farmers may find the need to be very particular about the strains the produce and how they are cultivated. I will take skill, but nature is your partner and is always teaching. The onus upon the farmer is to learn. Learn from those with experience, re-invent the wheel. As long as production takes place and the farmer cares about the process and the output. You’re in good stead.

Drinking Herbs

Some options for growing Ganja for profit:

 Harvesting and selling cannabis flower.

  • Selling harvests to processors for concentrated, edibles and other products.
  • Breeding Cannabis sees for resale to growers.
  • Cloning Cannabis plants for resale to dispensaries, tea houses and other end sale points.

Anyone who has tended a garden or a farm knows the satisfaction of a good yield. It is a truly rewarding career choice. One this day-to-day level, you get to be outdoors. On an emotional level, you’re in contact with nature.

Serving Tea

So we have production covered. There are viable options, but you’re more a people person or you have a great location that gets a lot of foot traffic, well maybe a dispensary or tea house is more appropriate for you.

This is much like running a cafe or bar and you will require a license. Due to Ganja’s legal status as far as the global trade of the product is concerned, ALL jurisdictions have applicable laws, regulations and restrictions. In Jamaica, the Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA) is responsible for issuing licenses. There is a process of due diligence and a licensing fee (payable upon issuance of license) but at the end of the day you will be the owner/ operator of one of the in-demand growth sectors for the future. Given the popularity of bars today, Ganjactivist suspects as long as you remain trendy or cater to your clientele, you will do alright.

Wake and Bake

That’s not really the appropriate use of the term (it means to wake up and smoke up), but given Jamaica’s number one industry… on the books, tourism, there is a natural marriage between the two industries, simply put, Ganja tourism.

Tourists have always come to Jamaica for weed. It’s an accepted fact. With the easing of legislation, Ganja is no longer an “if I get the opportunity” kind of thing, but more often, “as soon as I get to my hotel” option. Which is good, sharing peace and harmony, often with a smile, never hurt anyone. Offering 420 friendly or even, themed accommodations, activities and attractions will attract a slew of visitors and open the capacity for further investment. This is Jamaica, the land of Reggae music and Bob Marley and Peter Tosh. In fact, I will attest that Peter Tosh was the first true “Ganjactivist”. I have merely embodied the name. Point being, enhancing brand Jamaica’s tourism offering with the relaxed freedom of an accepted and idyllic smoking location, is not only half done, its par for the course.

Health Tourism

This is just an extrapolation of the previous item. Cannabis, Ganja, Marijuana all the same thing all contain a key ingredient. Cannabidiol (CBD)- an active ingredient proven to relieve, cure and prevent a wide array of illnesses and human discomforts. Do you wish to help people get healthy? Or just get better. Open a facility that will accommodate an extended stay with CBD treatments and other offering in a natural setting. The sky is really the limit on this one.

Cannabis Guided Tours

One thing is for certain, things that entertain us hold our attention.  They occupy our headspace and pre-occupy our motivations. Something different to do, is fine for a tourist, but for both tourist and locals alike, a visit to a Ganja farm or processing plant, would end in the inevitable gift bags, smiles social media posts and all the accompanying niceness.

Of course you will need permissions and partnerships, but let’s get serious, how many times can you go to Dunn’s River Falls?

This is part one of a series of articles based on the business of Ganja. Our focus here is how the industry can impact individuals and in particular Jamaicans. The excessive level of propaganda against Ganja and communities who have always advocated its use, still effects the society and is a limiting factor to the growth of the industry as a level and viable industry in Jamaica. We cannot condemn the misinformed. The effort has been incessant and completely misguided. The world is waking up and the future looks different. Ingenuity, originality of ideas and tenacity will guide you in the direction of success. Remember that business idea you had and though it’s just too crazy? Maybe it’s time to re-think it with Cannabis in mind… or on it, your choice.~ #Ganjactivist1

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