Decriminalization Is a Human Right

When one looks into the history of Cannabis and the legal history of Cannabis, there are a lot of discrepancies. How did this plant that has been a part of our human experience through the ages be  declared illegal and actually harmful to people and society? Without facts not scientific reason, access to one of the most indelible plants to human existence was denied to cultures, religious groups, indigenous peoples, sick people and everyone else in between. We have been deceived and many amoung us still pay the price. 

We will be talking with a number of individuals on this topic in coming weeks as we propagate our public awareness campaign.



How we got here as a society in legal terms  has been discussed and will continue to be in the future here at, but let us really look at the legal implications still faced by our friends, farmers and neighbors. In this age of knowledge and only artificial interests holding legislation back, why are we still treating our citizens like animals. We have ascertained there is little to no harm in Ganja. We have ascertained Ganja is in fact, good for the humans and the mammalian body. We also know it’s cultivation is good for the earth. Why do we continue to persecute those among us who simply participate in an activity that poses no harm to others and little to the “offender”. 

It is time for us to grow up as a nation. A first step in the right direction is treating our citizens as equal and productive human beings. Statistic from a recent BDS Analytics report show that Ganja smokers earn more money and are more happy than their non-smoking counterparts. Is this not a social aspiration of any nation?

I believe we, the public MUST implore on our Government to issue a “cease and desist” order to the security services to leave our famers alone. The must stop harassing the small farmers and communities in which Ganja is cultivated continued injustice. Stop Harass the farmers. These people are doing a service. I say we let them be I say we grow up and stand as a nation Stand against work discrimination, stand up against social discrimination, stand against religious discrimination. Stand for humanity, stand for freedom, stand for Ganja. Free the weed, free the people. Legalize it and done!~ One Love #IamAGanjactivist: M. Omari Jackson

One Love

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