Covid-19 Has Me Stuck at Reggae Hostel, Montego Bay and That’s Cool.

So this Covid-19 thing has really gotten the world in a tizzy.

I have been wanting to add some content Cannabis and Coffee, my supposed, personal blog and never really seem to be able to get to it. It’s not a problem of self-focus, but really, exerting so much energy on myself, that seems to be the deterrent. Amidst this Covid-19 crisis, not much has changed with my daily happenings. The only problem is, I’m stuck at the Reggae Hostel in Montego bay. Will I be quarantined here? Only time will tell. What I do know is that it’s a good time to do some writing. 

The thought of being properly quarantined is actually daunting for me. For the past three years, I’ve lived in numerous dwelling spaces including the formerly-mentioned in all of its iterations between Montego Bay, Ocho Rios and Kingston. AirBnb has also been a staple, although recently we had a falling out, but they did offer a concessionary voucher… at my request. But, their listings are limited and so are my funds. Waiting to hear from the manager on the closing of this space or not. 

Yes, I’d really rather get into an apartment of my own. Imagine the possibilities, being “socially-distant” upon moving into a new space. Being confined to new walls, yet knowing this is home. Being in a space for the first time, hearing all the sounds the space makes in the middle of the night. Not knowing if the croaking lizards are inside or out. Watching neighbors, watch you suspiciously, even more so than under regular circumstances. Meeting new faces and not being able to shake hands in common greeting, yet potentially making an instant bond, having “been through this together”. The uncommon has become common to me. Let us see what comes. 

Pier 1 from Reggae Hostel Balcony

Notwithstanding, there are benefits to staying in the hostel. The scenery has inspired a screenplay. This will be the first feature-length since Between Friends, and is a far cry from a drama. It will have people zombified in cinemas. Yes, I am of the old school. I still love seeing work on the big-screen. There’s a legitimization that occurs. 

So, inclusive of taking on a full-time day-job, I’ll be ramping up content on and We’ve also decided to produce a feature-length documentary on the Jamaican ganja industry. Playfully entitled, “Birth Of A Nation”, but I know better than that. The premise will embrace the birthing of this legacy industry, into the legal realm of global economics, that it is today. Jamaica will play a role in the global cannabis industry, how large or small really depends on how it is rolled out. 

What is indisputable, is that Jamaica is poised to be a global leader in many aspects of the cannabis industry. The documentary will explore the past and present, to best determine a path to the future for individuals, private companies, the government and the people of Jamaica. 

As brand Ganjactivist continues to grow, the Marketplace will still carry the best industry related products and I am told by all of our manufacturers, that products are ready to be shipped for on-time arrival. We will be launching our CBD Depot online at, which will also offer duty clearance and flat rate shipping on all products. 

We are already in talks with some locations about staging a retreat after this period is over. I am sure Jamaica will be an in-demand destination again soon enough. Keep your eyes on for details about that. 

I am trying to commit to daily writing during this time of familiar sequester. Let’s see how it goes. 

One Love

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