The Scientific Importance of Nitrogen

The Nitrogen Cycle Nitrogen is absolutely essential for plants to grow – it is the building block of DNA, proteins, ATP and other vital macromolecules. While we are able to obtain nitrogen simply by eating food, plants obviously cannot do the same. Plants are able to use light energy to fix carbon from the air … Read more

Is the Czech Republic on the cusp of a cannabis boom?

By David Hutt  In a small farmstead near the eastern Czech city of Pardubice, Pavel* is tending to his garden. For the past few years, Pavel has grown five cannabis plants in his greenhouse, the legal limit that Czechs are currently allowed to grow at home for personal use. But he’s recently invested a few hundred … Read more

Pro Tips for Harvesting and Curing Your Cannabis

When a cannabis crop has reached full maturity, it’s time to start thinking about the next step. By Thomas Valentine Harvesting the crop is a straightforward business, but there are a few things to know before you start the process. The Harvest Before beginning, prepare a good, strong elixir of equals parts chilled vodka and … Read more

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