Cannabis Crowdgrowing: A Hope for the Many

By Iera Uriona


Almost without realizing it, cannabis is already part of our lives. In recent years, cannabis has gone from being a dangerous plant that corrupts everyone who consumes it, to a miraculous plant with multiple health benefits. The fact is, it has always been beneficial, and has been used as a medicine since ancient times. But it has not been until recently that society has put aside the stigmas, to pour into the study of its benefits and demand its decriminalization. All these events represent a true victory for patients who need its properties to alleviate their ailments. Suffering decreases and opportunities for improving health increase. But if we talk about opportunities, we cannot forget the large number of jobs that are being generated thanks to this new industry. Growers, doctors, researchers, distributors, farmers, packers, marketers, attorneys… There is more and more money at stake. And as it usually happens when there is money involved, there is a danger that threatens around the corner.

The monopoly threat

That’s right. When something begins to be profitable, the biggest and most powerful ones begin to poke their nose and end up taking the biggest piece of the cake, when it is not the whole cake. In this way, big corporations prioritize their own economic benefits over public health. Reduce production costs and increase prices. Thus, money remains in the hands of a few, as well as the options for consumers. But there is a way to avoid this misfortune. There is an innovative business model that, in addition to helping small and medium cannabusinesses, distributes the benefits to all those who want to get involved in the cannabis industry, no matter how powerful they are.

A revolutionary system

You may have heard of ‘crowdfunding’. Let me jog your memory: crowdfunding is a collective financing network that, by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people, manages to finance a certain project. Taking this model as reference, Crowdgrowing was born. A system that connects small and medium-sized companies dedicated to the production of medicinal cannabis with people from all over the world willing to finance their projects, in exchange for an economic benefit. And best thing, all is automated and online, through a digital platform.

How does crowdgrowing work?

First of all, you register on the platform. There, you buy cannabis plants. That money goes to grower partners, who are the ones that will take care of your plants for you. After harvest, you receive the money you spent on the plants along with an extra profit. This will depend on how well the harvest went. The more grams, the greater the profit. What if, for whatever reason, my plants fail to harvest? Don’t panic. At the time of purchase, a minimum and maximum profit that can be obtained is stipulated on the platform. The only possible risk is that in all the countries where the plantations are located, some natural catastrophe or some military intervention happens simultaneously. A risk that practically all companies face.

A game changer for the industry

In an industry that is growing by leaps and bounds and that is in danger of being corrupted by the same old people, the arrival of crowdgrowing is a hope of doing things right. By betting on this system, you not only ensure a good source of extra earnings per month without having to make any effort, but you are also part of a gear that breaks with the pre-established dynamics of power, and achieves not only that all the parties involved come out winning, but that those involved are many more. Because if cannabis does not belong to everyone, may it not belong to anyone.

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