30-Day Cannabis Challenge Countdown Post #1

“Damn, I’m getting old”. How many times have you said or heard this? I’d say, for me, 45 was the start of the clock (this year). And it feels like time is running out. Not time really, time will continue, but my life. Or, to be more exact, my health. 


Perhaps this is around the time when for some, mid-life crisis sets in, although with the current human trend towards embellished self-love, I haven’t heard that term bandied about like with the previous generation. People are possibly living fuller, more self-loving lives. Regardless, people are living longer and now we have proper access to cannabis. It is time to infuse cannabis back into the human life experience.

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Ganjactivist.com and TheGanjaProjectJamaica.com present, The 30-Day Cannabis Challenge. In an attempt to harmonize my life. I’m taking the challenge and you and the world are invited to join me. 


On November 1st, I will be starting what will technically be 27 days of a lifestyle adjustment. Mentally, I’m in my early thirties at best, my body says otherwise. I hurt a lot. I’m taking it as a sign, a sign to get into shape, to use cannabis products and harmonize my body and mind.


Cannabis Sativa, the plant that lead to the discovery of the Endocannabinoid System within the human body, has unfortunately been deleted from this human experience in many ways and I am of the belief that this is the reason for most human ailments today. I am going to fix this within myself. 


With the guidance of professionals and intuitive processes, for 27 days, I will devise the best holistic way to infuse cannabis and cannabis products into my daily routine to maximize my living experience for the remainder of my physical existence.  Join me.


Life is for the living. (Click here to sign up to join in)


One Love.



One Love

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